Downtown Properties
Historic Downtown Galveston

Galveston's downtown is conveniently located within walking distance to some of the Island's most popular locations and attractions. Located within the radius of the downtown area, residents will find numerous Restaurants & Nightclubs, the 1894 Opera House, the Rosenberg Library, the Historic Strand District, Fisherman's Wharf, the Cruise Ship Terminal, Galleries, Banking and Fitness Clubs as well as many other Boutique Shopping Venues and Service Businesses.

Downtown Properties

Brownstone Lofts
Visit The Brownstone Lofts

Eibands Condominiums

Visit The Eibands

Galveston Electric Company Lofts
Visit The Galveston Electric Company

Galveston Telephone Building Lofts
Visit The Galveston Telephone Building

Jackson Square
Visit Jackson Square

The Lofts at the Texas Building
Visit The Texas Building

Mechanic Street Lofts
Visit The Mechanic Street Lofts

Peanut Butter Lofts
Visit The Peanut Butter Lofts




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