Condo Mortgages
Condo Mortgages

A big part of Condos of Galveston's successful marketing strategy is that we will only show properties to potential buyers that have been both pre-qualified and approved by a lender.

At Condos of Galveston, we know that the process of working with a lender to become approved for a mortgage can at times be both frustrating and confusing.

RMC Vanguard Mortgage, through their extraordinary level of customer service, patience and a true understanding of the client's needs, has earned the distinction of becoming an approved vendor in the condominium mortgage and lending business. They have have helped numerous buyers obtain sensible mortgages for condominium properties on Galveston Island.

Below are some helpful and interesting links courtesy of RMC Vanguard that will allow you to learn about and if you choose to, begin the simple process of applying for a mortgage in the comfort and privacy of your home or office with discretion and without any obligation.



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